Microsoft Teams is a fantastic product for improving efficiency, collaboration and general communication within your organisation. As Microsoft’s flagship collaboration product, it is constantly receiving new updates and features.


Get the most out of Microsoft Teams with these not-so-obvious features


  1. Tabs: With tabs inside each team, you can display interactive and rich web content to your members. This could be a webpage, news feed or other Microsoft-integrated tool.
  2. Immersive Reader: With this feature, you can get a voiceover for written text on a channel. If a user is struggling to focus on the text, use the immersive reader to improve their efficiency.
  3. Dark Mode: Is the white background a bit harsh on your eyes? Change the theme to Dark Mode and improve the view.
  4. Slash Commands: Navigate more efficiently by using slash commands from the top search bar. Some of the best commands include “/GoTo” for jumping straight to a channel, “/Saved” to access your saved messages and “/Call” to initiate a call with someone on Teams.
  5. Show/Hide Teams: With a structured list of teams, you can stay organized. You can choose to show or hide the channels on the team that your wish to appear or disappear from the user interface. Even if a team is hidden, you will still receive a notification when someone mentions you. This is a neat way to reduce clutter.
  6. Forwarding Emails to a Channel: You can forward an email from Outlook to any channel on your Teams account. To do so, click on the triple-dot sign next to the channel name, and select ‘Get Email Address’. Once the email address for your channel is generated, copy the link and paste that on your email to forward any mail or document.
  7. Using Keyboard Shortcuts: You can use keyboard shortcuts to easily navigate Teams:
    • Ctrl + E to place your cursor in the “Search” field at the top of the platform
    • Ctrl + N to Start a New Chat
    • Ctrl + Comma to open Settings
  8. GIF Animations: Motivate your co-workers by using animated GIFs in your chats. There are many options already available in Teams via the GIPHY plugin. This is located underneath the “Type a new message”


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